Our license is simple.

By purchasing the products sold through moreprofesh.com, produced by Blue Bench LLC, you agree to use the products in accordance with the License terms that follow:

What you CAN do with the products:

  • Use the products in any number of personal projects for as long as you'd like
  • Use the products without attribution to More Profesh
  • Modify the products to suit your needs
  • Combine the products with other works
  • Distribute a flattened version of the product (for instance, a PDF of a resume template)

What you CANNOT do with the products:

  • Resell, lease, license, or sublicense More Profesh products
  • Distribute or share products (whether it's with friends, family, or clients)
  • Do any of the above after modifying More Profesh products

All products sold on moreprofesh.com remain the property of Blue Bench, LLC.

For any license questions we didn't answer here, please contact us at help@moreprofesh.com.